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Welcome to FBG!

Fostering and care, maintenance and protection ...

... for sustainable value retention

As a tenant and trader in the fishing port, the good state of the property used by you is important. With our technical operations and numerous trades, we provide for sustainable value retention of the commercial properties and land managed by us. Old packaging halls are continuously kept fit for you.
The maintenance prevents the wear and tear and the necessary repairs are carried out on damaged parts of the property.

Your contact point for our maintenance and repair

Rental Service
Andreas Simon
Prokurist und Abteilungsleitung Technischer Bereich, Instandhaltung
Phone: 0471 9732 300
Rental Service
Wolfgang Plat
Maintenance, Officer
Phone: +49 471 9732 310
Fax: +49 471 9732 315
Rental Service
Martin Peper
Electrical Installation
Phone: +49 471 9732 419
Fax: +49 471 9732 415

Outside business hours:

Should a fault occur after business hours, such as a broken water pipe, you can reach us around the clock under 0471 9732-0. The appropriate on-call service team will then be assigned with the task to deal with the fault.