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Centre of international fish and food industry, science and research, tourist attractions: The fishery harbour of Bremerhaven has transformed, developed and constantly reinvented itself since its establishment in 1896 in what was the Prussian Geestemünde once. And with it the FBG, which was entrusted with the management and development of the special port as a cooperative at that time.

More than just fresh fish

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Since an English trawler, the PRINCE CONSORT, first landed at the shore of the Geeste in 1883, the fishery industry evolved rapidly. Therefore the fishery port, which opening was celebrated on November 1st in 1896, soon was booming. That meant wages and food for many people, because fishery industry does not only mean going to sea and ashore but also handling and merchandising the fresh fish straight away on site – or icecold preserved for further transport on rails. In 1938, the fishery harbour was the most important harbour of its kind in the entire European continent and after 1945, the trawlers jostled back to the quays and the fishing and fish processing industry in Bremerhaven experienced its peak.

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From the beginning, all the threads came together at FBG in the emerging fishery harbour: From auction events to the market management of the market and seaman's missions up to the Heuer office and the unloading operations and finally the power supplies: As a private, state-independent and non-profit association, FBG was an important part of the success story of the fishing port and still is today.

Nutrition 4.0

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Today the industrial area in the South of the seaside town belongs to the main sites of the fishing and food industry in Europe. Here, more than 80 companies with approximately 4,000 employees process over 200,000 tonnes of fish every year, constituting about half of the nationwide production. Economic and innovative science grow door to door, great food brands and small manufacturers feel at home here just like companies in the maritime industry and the offshore wind industry.

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And the FBG? We manage the "shore side" of this particular site for the State of Bremen, manage, construct and renovate property, help with settlement plans, renew the infrastructure and provide the customer now with cheap electricity and water today also, like then.


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Making fish and fish processing an experience, filling the site with life - we are here for this as well: Our attractions "Schaufenster Fischereihafen", "Fischbahnhof", the interactive exhibition "Expedition North Seas - Fischereiwelten Bremerhaven" and the Sea Fish Cooking Studio give rise to a high quality of life and make the fishery harbour Bremerhaven a worthwhile destination not only among all the maritime towns.